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Floor Finish






shutterstock 125700449As we all know the Earth is suffering big changes by global warming. The emission of gases is called greenhouse gases are partly responsible for this change. These gases, like carbon dioxide concentrations are increasing caused by the use of fossil fuels in everyday activities.The International Energy Agency said in a report that carbon dioxide emissions will double by 2050. We in our homes contribute to the generation of carbon dioxide every time when use electrical equipment, especially air conditioners.

 How can we reduce carbon dioxide generation and help the planet?

 Is simple, applying a white sealer on our roofs. Studies have shown that having a white sealer in our roof reduces interior temperature and cooling costs by 20% or more. Lower energy consumption also means lower carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming.

How a white sealer low power consumption?

A white sealer absorbs less than 15% of the heat from the sun and also has the ability to re-emit some of that heat to the air. Black coatings or unsealed roofs absorb 90% of the sun's heat. This is measured over two properties, emissivity and reflectivity. The emissivity is the% of energy that absorb from the sun (heat) that radiates (eject) a material. The reflectivity is the amount of sunlight that reflects a material. In other words, when solar radiation reaches the surface, it is absorbed and transferred to the structure creating excessive heat. On a white surface most of the radiation is reflected to the outside and part of the absorbed is irradiated out keeping the structure cool. In addition at least two companies producing solar modules has in stock plaque that can produce electricity with the light reflected by the roof. In this way, we also takes advantage of reflectivity properties of the coating. 

Can any white coating is effective? No. For the reflectivity and emissivity properties are effective these must have long life. In addition, a roof coating must have certain properties that distinguishes from regular paint. To begin, a roof coating must resist the attack from  ultraviolet and infrared rays which deteriorate the surfaces. The coating must resist dirty accumulation and attack by microorganisms. Must have the ability to expand and contract and supporting temperature changes. Must have a minimum thickness to resist tearing and good adhesion among other things, and above all must be qualified by a rating agency in conserving energy. The Crossco Roof Sealers offer all the benefits of a good white coating for your roof.
They are 100% acrylic, made with the best pigments to support ultraviolet rays. They comply with ASTM 6083 (regulates the minimum properties that should have a liquid sealant), ensure elasticity, adhesion, resistance to fungus and solid durability. Crossco Roof Sealers is a water based products with a low concentration of volatile organic compounds. We have "Energy Star" products (is an EPA program that helps to protect the environment and save money by promoting the use of energy efficient products) and are members of "Cool Roof Rating Council", "Reflective Roof Coating Institute" and "National Roofing Contractors Association ".

You can make a difference starting with your home or business. Along with the warranty and trustworthiness of Crossco Sealer can help the planet while saving energy and money.

By: Ignacio Cotto Rosario, Crossco Technical Director 


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